Specialist for chemistry and metallurgy

Customers worldwide trust Treibacher’s expertise and experience from 125 years as a producer and development partner.

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This is what drives us.

As enablers and an innovative part of our customers’ world, we provide them with future-oriented solutions.

With our materials, we enhance performance, protect the climate, conserve resources and promote a better quality of life. We contribute to a world that opens up a future worth living for all.

Treibacher bietet mehrere Materialien zur Reinigung des lebenswichtigen Elements Wasser


We also see ourselves as an integrative part of our environment and surroundings. For this reason, we also take our corporate social responsibility very seriously, because we want to help shape our future sustainably.

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For many years, Treibacher has a been a globally established producer of titanium-manganese-based (AB2) hydrogen storage alloys on an industrial scale with consistently high product quality. This high-performance solid-state storage material is characterized by a long lifetime, reversible storage capacities at ambient temperature (discharging) and exceptionally fast charging and discharging processes.

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We come across rare earths, zirconium and vanadium chemicals in many everyday products. Their use ranges from manufacturing pigments for tiles and glazes to producing paints and coatings, and special luminescent materials which are used in turn in safety features. Our zirconium chemicals are additionally used in the production of printing inks, in leather tanning and in the paper industry.

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With our rare earth materials, we provide optimum materials for both producing (glass melting) and processing glass (polishing). Our rare earth oxides, for example, are used to colour and decolourize glasses, bottles, flacons or gemstones. Our portfolio also includes the right product for UV protection.

In the glass processing sector, we focus on cerium oxide-based polishing agents which we market under the brand name Auerpol®.


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Our product range for the carbide industry includes both high-quality hard materials (carbides, nitrides, cabonitrides) in powder form and tungsten metal powders for the tungsten semi-finished products industry.


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Our rare earth, yttrium and zirconium-based high-performance ceramic materials are used in very demanding applications. Whether for technical (AuerTec®) applications, bio- and dental ceramics (AuerDent®), the aviation (AuerCoat®) and semiconductor industry or precision casting for titanium – our consistently high product quality and customized development work are impressive.

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Rare earths and vanadium chemicals are an essential raw material for the production of catalysts for various applications. Our products are used as process catalysts and also in environmental catalysts (Auernox®).

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Our heat stabilizers (AuerStab®) for silicone rubber, polyamide and polyester provide the perfect solution to the constantly increasing demands on the durability of technical plastics. Our halogen- and halide-free Auerstab masterbatches are environmentally friendly and prevent the formation of corrosion in various engineering plastics applications.

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We offer a wide range of zirconium and rare earth compounds for use in pharmaceutical applications. Our inorganic materials are used, among other things, in MRI contrast agents, phosphate binder and potassium scavenger drugs in the human and veterinary medicine sectors.

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Treibacher Industrie AG has more than 40 years’ experience and expertise in the recovery and recycling of metal-bearing residues. For two decades, our main focus has been on recycling catalysts from the European petroleum industry to recover valuable materials (V, Ni, Mo).

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In the metals and alloys sectors, we can look back on decades of experience. Our ferroalloys (FeV, FeMo, FeNiMo) and rare earth metals are used in the international steel and foundry industries. We focus particularly on the production of special grades.

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In the water treatment sector, we provide materials for the globally affordable removal of toxic arsenic from drinking water (NXT®), as well as high-quality lanthanum compounds for phosphate removal from swimming pools and wastewater systems.

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As a pioneer in the production of flints, we are committed to the legacy of our company founder and inventor of the flint, Dr. Carl Auer von Welsbach. As a result, our products are still the international benchmark for quality and functionality today – a fact that our prestigious customers greatly appreciate.

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Kompetente, engagierte Mitarbeiter sind die Basis unseres Erfolgs

Home of dedicated people

People as a factor of success

The international success of Treibacher Industrie AG in the chemical and metallurgical sectors would not be possible without our dedicated employees. Our experts are family to us. Only their expertise, enthusiasm, ideas and experience make our projects and innovations become possible. Dedicated people have been our greatest success factor for more than 120 years!

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We set the highest standards in terms of environmental protection and safety. In addition to our employees, we also focus on the people and nature within our direct sphere of influence.

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The chemical and metallurgical industries have been in a state of flux for years. Today, the two industries are among the pioneers in terms of environmental protection, sustainability and circular economy.

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We engineer materials – for a sustainable future: We develop highly specialized materials that contribute to a sustainable future, environmental protection and a better life overall.

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