Auerpol® - Poliermittel

Auerpol® – polishing agents

Auerpol® – polishing agents

Treibacher Auerpol® are cerium oxide-based polishing agents for processing (polishing) glass surfaces in flat glass through to precision optics.

Auerpol® – cerium oxide-based polishing agents for the glass industry

Polishing agents are essential in the polishing of glass surfaces. High-quality polishing agents are characterized by a high removal rate and the achievement of top-quality surface finishes during use. A wide range of uses requires many years of experience in the production of polishing agents and also makes it possible to develop customized solutions. User-friendly, ready-to-use polishing suspensions are also available in addition to Auerpol® polishing agents in powder form.


Erich Rack - Produktmanager Treibacher Industrie AG


Erich Rack

Product Manager

Unsere hochwertigen Poliermittel werden in der Präzisionsoptik eingesetzt


  • Plate glass, crystal glass, mirror production, optical lenses, precision optics
  • Edge and facet polishing
  • Mirror production
  • Polishing wheels for plate glass and gemstone polishing
  • Polishing of optical components such as lenses, prisms and filters