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Sustainability is of key importance for Treibacher Industrie AG.

Treibacher Industrie AG has set itself the goal of actively contributing to a future worth living. The company summarizes the diverse measures taken under the heading “Treibacher CARES”.


Treibacher CARES describes the company’s diverse sustainability efforts. They include the areas of safety, the environment, sustainable value chains, “better life products” and corporate social responsibility.

Circular Economy
Chemical Strategy for Sustainability

Advanced Functional Materials
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Enhanced life products

Social Responsibility


All our efforts focus on sustainability.

We stand for sustainable, resource-conserving production and act with a full sense of responsibility towards our stakeholders, our own employees, society and the environment.

The topics of environmental protection, circular economy and climate protection (decarbonization) in particular play a key role and are thus clear issues for the future. With regard to the Paris climate protection agreement, we have set ourselves the goal of saving 30% CO2 in our direct sphere of influence (scope 1 and 2) by 2028.

A major investment in a new, state-of-the-art recycling plant for spent catalysts from the petroleum industry will make an important contribution to the circular economy. It uses waste as a secondary raw material, thus making a significant contribution to the security of supply of raw materials in Europe.

Rund ein Drittel der Gesamtinvestitionen pro Jahr fließen in den Umweltschutz


Environmental protection is a top priority for us.

As a company in the chemical and metallurgical industry, Treibacher sets the highest standards in issues such as environmental protection and safety. Since emissions, resource consumption and waste are not entirely avoidable, it is imperative to implement technical and organizational measures for environmental protection in the company.

It is essential for Treibacher Industrie AG to be self-motivated and work continuously on improving existing technologies and developing new ones in order to make processes more efficient and reduce emissions to a minimum.

Treibacher Industrie AG thus protects the environment and people by using processes that have been tried and tested over many years, naturally in compliance with all statutory and official regulations – and in some areas even going beyond them.

Treibacher produziert Hochleistungsmaterialien für anspruchsvolle Anwendungen


Our contribution to enhance the quality of life.

Treibacher materials ensure enhanced performance, protect the climate, help conserve resources and contribute to a better quality of life.

Treibacher Industrie AG is one of the largest industrial companies in Carinthia and with its products makes a valuable contribution to the value chain of companies in the system-maintaining infrastructure. Although the materials of Treibacher Industrie are adsorbed into downstream products and are no longer visible in the end use, they do ensure enhanced properties in countless everyday goods. These range from pharmaceuticals, ceramic dental prostheses and water purification to catalyst precursors.

It is therefore highly probable that a large proportion of people worldwide come into contact with materials from Althofen on a daily basis without knowing it.

Hohe Ansprüche haben wir an unsere Lieferanten


Excellent products require high-quality, sustainable raw materials.

As a company with global operations, transparency and the enforcement of high standards in the value chain play an important role for TIAG.

This starts with the selection of suppliers because long-term cooperation with its customers and suppliers is an important success factor in the company’s sustained development.

As part of this cooperation, work is being done on optimizing the value chain with the aim of making it efficient and sustainable. A constant two-way exchange with customers and suppliers helps Treibacher to identify potential and work on improving it.

Establishing long-term cooperation and collaboration with all suppliers is a major concern.

We follow nationally and internationally recognized framework directives in respect of conflict minerals.

To the topic of conflict minerals
Kunst im Werk


What we understand by lived responsibility

We understand this to mean both the value contribution made by our products and the way we interact with our employees, customers, suppliers and neighbours.

Along our entire value chain, we ensure careful use of resources, protection of the environment and climate, good working conditions, health and safety, and respect for human rights – for our own employees and our partners.

In our new business units, we focus on developing products that help protect the environment and promote health (“better life products”). We are committed to helping people with disabilities, promoting art and culture (“Kunst im Werk” initiative) and supporting young sportspeople from the region. We also work hard to ensure that our employees can balance work and family life. In the environmental field, we focus on professional and resource-saving environmental management. In all our endeavours, we focus on the region in which we operate.


Here you will find our most important documents on the subject of sustainability, safety, environment and quality management.


Treibacher Industrie AG – Certificate FAMI-QS

Treibacher Industrie AG – Certificate FAMI-QS

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Treibacher Industrie AG – Certificate for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Treibacher Industrie AG – certificate for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

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Treibacher Industrie AG – Certificate EN/AS9100

Treibacher Industrie AG – Certificate EN/AS9100

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Our guidelines

Treibacher Group – Code of Conduct

Treibacher Group – Code of Conduct

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Treibacher Group – Code of Conduct for suppliers

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Treibacher Group – Supply Chain Policy for Conflict Minerals

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Treibacher Industrie AG – Integrated Management Manual

Treibacher Industrie AG – Integrated Management Manual

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Treibacher Industrie AG – REACH & CLP Compliance

Treibacher Industrie AG – REACH & CLP Compliance

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Treibacher Industrie AG – Sustainability Report

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Treibacher Industrie AG – CSR brochure

Treibacher Industrie AG – Folder Corporate Social Responsibility

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Treibacher Industrie AG – Conflict Minerals Audit Statement

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Treibacher Industrie AG – Due Diligence Report on Conflict Minerals

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Treibacher Group – Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT)

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