Treibacher bietet mehrere Materialien zur Reinigung des lebenswichtigen Elements Wasser

Water treatment

Arsenic and phosphate removal

Individual solutions for clean water

Water is the basis of all life. Nevertheless, several million people worldwide have no access to clean drinking water. With our NXT® technology, we make it possible to remove naturally occurring toxic arsenic from water. In this way, NXT® contributes to clean drinking water worldwide.

In addition to arsenic removal materials, we also offer lanthanum-based additives for the production of pool chemicals to remove phosphates from swimming pools. It is also possible to reliably achieve compliance with regionally required limit values in wastewater treatment.

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Treibacher NXT® entfernt giftiges Arsen aus dem lebenswichtigen Trinkwasser


Affordable arsenic removal in drinking water using Treibacher’s NXT® technology.

Clean drinking water without toxic heavy metals is vital. We enable affordable arsenic removal in drinking water worldwide with our NXT® technology. Small and medium-sized waterworks need a reliable adsorption medium to remove the toxic and carcinogenic semi-metal arsenic from drinking water.

Our NXT® technology, which can be used on site even in remote areas, not only removes arsenic properly, it also binds the toxic metal in the most stable manner. Reliable function over a wide pH range provides maximum safety for operators and consumers. NXT® special forms are also ideally suited for installation in cartridges and filters, thus enabling individual solutions. Arsenic removal with NXT® is selective, preserving the natural composition of the water.

However, the use of NXT® is not limited to the treatment of drinking water. High adsorption capacity and the stability of arsenic binding due to a special composition of the adsorption medium are the basis for using NXT® in wastewater streams containing high levels of arsenic.


Clean pools and stabilization of water.

Phosphate removers, based on our lanthanum-containing additives, enable clean swimming pools and prevent eutrophication of bodies of water.

Our specially manufactured lanthanum compounds are highly effective phosphate removers, making them idea for the production of pool chemicals.

Complete removal of phosphates means that eutrophication does not occur and the water in the swimming pool remains stable. This also ensures compliance with the regionally required limit values in the treatment of wastewater.


  • Catalysts

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Water treatment

Treibacher lanthanum chloride (LaCl3): usable for catalysis to water treatment.


  • FC catalysts
  • Fine chemistry
  • Swimming pool
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Water treatment


  • Water treatment

Treibacher NXT® is a unique granulated material for removing arsenic from water. Its special formulation guarantees the highest adsorption capacity.


  • Arsenic removal
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Phosphate removal
  • Point-of-use/point-of-entry filters
  • Process water treatment