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Qualified, competent employees are the be-all and end-all for us at Treibacher. However, these do not grow on trees.

That’s why we have trained more than 1,000 interested young people as skilled workers over the past decades, most of whom have become part of the Treibacher family – in some cases until they retire. You can find a few examples under our success stories.

On the one hand, the training takes place in our state-of-the-art training centers as well as on site in our companies. On the other hand, theoretical training takes place in the respective vocational schools.

You can find more details about the apprenticeship at Treibacher on our information page.

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Treibacher Industrie AG - Doppellehre Labortechnik (Chemie) und Chemieverfahrenstechnik

Double apprenticeship laboratory technology (chemistry) & chemistry process technology

Double apprenticeship laboratory technology (chemistry) & chemistry process technology

During your apprenticeship, you will mainly deal with the synthesis and analysis of chemical substances. Important tasks are the handling of chemicals, laboratory equipment and the determination and production of substances. You select the correct, learned working methods and necessary equipment for this. You support research and development, analytics and production and thus ensure that the required quality of the product is maintained and improved in the production process.


Instructor: Andreas Jannach (+43 4262 / 505-527)

Vocational school: St. Veit

Duration: 4 years

With Matura: 4 years

Treibacher Industrie AG - Doppellehre Mechatronik und Elektrotechnik

Double apprentice­ship mechatronics & electrical engineering

Double apprenticeship mechatronics & electrical engineering

As a mechatronics technician, you set up various control systems according to circuit diagrams, adjust their functions and parameters, and put the mechatronic systems and devices into operation. When searching for faults and malfunctions, you access the production facilities via control systems, carry out measurements with electronic measuring and testing devices and thus narrow down possible causes for faults. You dismantle faulty components and machines and put them back into operation. In manufacturing processes, you also continuously monitor the measurement, control, and regulation equipment of automated production processes and make adjustments and conversions to production equipment.


Instructor: Herbert Paßegger (+43 4262 / 505-805)

Vocational school: Villach

Duration: 4 years

With Matura: 4 years

Metal technology (mechanical engineering technology)

Metal technology (mechanical engineering technology)

As a metal technician, you accompany the life cycle of machines and systems. You will learn how to manufacture machines and plant components, assemble them, record and document technical data on work processes and carry out necessary repairs after independent troubleshooting.
You will also be able to create manufacturing programs for computer-aided machine tools and implement these programs by machine.


Instructor: Stefan Pirolt (+43 4262 / 505-898)

Vocational school: Wolfsberg

Duration: 3.5 years

With Matura: 4 years


Information Technology – Systems Engineering

Information Technology – Systems Engineering

As an IT systems technician you learn to test and document network and server systems. You carry out maintenance, repairs and extensions and provide users with IT equipment and software. You ensure that they function smoothly and support our users by telephone and on site.
The procurement and configuration of hardware and software is also part of your duties. You will also learn to configure and install networks, servers, data storage and backup systems and their authorisation concepts.


Instructor: Silvio Macher (+43 4262 / 505-215)

Vocational school: Klagenfurt

Duration: 4 years

With Matura: 4 years


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Contact persons

Verena Amritzer

Dual apprenticeship Laboratory Technology (Chemistry) & Chemical Process Engineering

Herbert Paßegger

Double apprenticeship mechatronics & electrical engineering

Stefan Pirolt

Metal technology (mechanical engineering technology)

Silvio Macher

Information technology

Carina Ruppitsch Treibacher Lehrlingskoordinatorin
Carina Ruppitsch

HR Apprentice Coordinator

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