Thermal Spray Center

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Our team will be happy to support you in planning and organizing your experiments at the TSC. Our experience in ceramic powder manufacturing also enables the smooth transfer of your spray additive from laboratory scale to production.

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Advanced Functional Materials

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Handling of AuerCoat® Suspensions

Treibacher Thermal Spray Center

With our Thermal Spray Center, we are breaking new ground in the development of thermal spray powders, suspensions and innovative coating systems.

With our Thermal Spray Center (TSC), in addition to our extensive capabilities in manufacturing technology and research and development, we create the possibility to apply and extensively evaluate coatings. This enables us to design our products even better for specific applications and to optimize joint development with our customers.


The state-of-the-art TSC enables the application of spray powders and suspensions and has the following equipment:

  • Fully automated spray booth including robot and turntable
  • 4 different plasma spraying systems:
    • 100HE™ (Progressive Surface)
    • Axial III™ (Northwest Mettech)
    • Sinplex Pro (Oerlikon Metco)
    • F4
  • Gravimetric powder feeder (Uniquecoat Technologies)
  • LiquiFeederHE™ suspension feeder (Progressive Surface)
  • NanoFeed™ 350 suspension feeder (Northwest Mettech)
  • Accuraspray G3C in-flight particle diagnostics (Tecnar)
Treibacher Industrie AG - Thermal Spray Center


In addition, we offer a wide range of characterization methods:

  • Measurement of particle velocity and temperature in the spray jet
  • Application efficiency according to DIN EN ISO 17836
  • Optical and scanning electron microscopy
  • Chemical and phase analysis
  • Hardness testing according to DIN EN ISO 4516
  • Wear tests according to DIN and ASTM
  • Thermal conductivity of coating systems
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Measurement of thermo-cyclic stress up to 1,600°C

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Thermal Spray Center at Treibacher