Career through apprenticeship

Career through apprenticeship

From apprentice to key positions in the company.

Some employees who joined Treibacher with an apprenticeship are now plant managers, production managers or can be found in other key positions.

We are very proud of the fact that most apprentices complete their school education with distinction and many of these young people also take advantage of the opportunity to complete the Matura in addition to their apprenticeship. Some apprentices, on the other hand, have decided to take the second educational path after their apprenticeship and obtain their Matura. Some go on to complete a university education and then return to Treibacher.

This is what former apprentices say about their education:

Group leader mechanical workshops

Thomas Geyer

I first came into contact with Treibacher Industrie AG in secondary school during a three-day taster internship. I also spent a week as a taster trainee at Treibacher in polytechnic school and then decided to start the double apprenticeship “locksmith & electrician” at the company. I successfully completed the apprenticeship in 2006 and then decided to do the master craftsman training for mechanical engineering after the army. I was also able to successfully complete this in 2009 and three years later I was responsible for four plants in the company as a foreman.

In 2016, I moved to my current position as group leader for the mechanical workshops and am currently responsible for 48 colleagues.

What I like best about my job is the versatility of the plants, which means that no two days are ever the same. These constantly changing challenges make my job so attractive.

I would like our future apprentices to take away as much as possible from their apprenticeship in order to create as good a basis as possible for their future lives. The most important thing is an interest in the profession and the resulting passion for one’s work.

Head of Analytical Laboratories

Armin Flatschacher

I have been interested in chemistry since my early youth. After my first chemistry lessons at school, it was clear to me that I would like to work in this field later on. And so in 1980 I started an apprenticeship as a chemical laboratory technician [today: double apprenticeship in laboratory technology (chemistry) & chemical process engineering] at Treibacher. At the time, this apprenticeship was – and still is – the best training in this field in all of Carinthia.

After completing my apprenticeship, I stayed with the company and worked for about 10 years in research & development in the field of metallurgy. The tasks in this job were very varied and always interesting. Later, I was given the opportunity to become a quality technician in the carbide area and a little later I took over the carbide operating laboratory.

Since 2012, I have now been head of the analytical laboratory with around 35 employees and am thus responsible for all raw material, product and environmental analysis throughout the plant.

Production Manager Vacuum Carbide

Heinz Poellinger

When I was still at school, I had no idea what profession I would take up one day. As part of a trial apprenticeship during my time at the polytechnic school, I learned about the dual apprenticeship “locksmith & electrician” at Treibacher Industrie AG.

Since both my grandfather and my father worked at Treibacher, the company was naturally a household name for me. And so I applied for the double apprenticeship and started it in 1996. The basic training was excellent and we were able to gain a lot of practical experience in the numerous production plants at the site. Of course, the basic training today – also with the new apprentice training center – is on an even higher level.

When I returned to Treibacher after the army, I was motivated by one of the instructors to do the master craftsman school. With this accumulated knowledge and my experience in maintenance, I switched to the carbide area in 2003 as a quality technician and product developer. At the same time, I started an apprenticeship at the HTL for mechanical engineering & plant technology as part of evening school.

After stations in the laboratory and as a plant assistant, in 2010 I changed to my current position as production manager in the carbide plant.

Plant manager Ferro Alloys

Christian Klaming

My career choice came about after talking to an acquaintance who was employed at Treibacher Industrie AG. At first, I couldn’t really imagine much about the term chemical laboratory technician. However, chemistry has always been one of my favorite subjects, and after the entrance examination the choice fell on me. The key points of my apprenticeship: rich experience in metallurgy, chemistry, analytics, preparative work as well as research activities.
I was offered a wide range of further training opportunities in the course of my service, both in the technical and personal fields. I have benefited greatly from the training in personality development and employee management, but also from dealing with a wide variety of characters in our company. What I appreciate about our company is the fair, humorous, innovative and varied atmosphere.