Important infos on your apprenticeship

What’s important?

The most important information about your apprenticeship at a glance:

If you are accepted at Treibacher, you will be one of 8-12 new apprentices who start each year in September. Your apprenticeship will last a good 4 years (see FAQs below for exact duration) and you will already receive the following apprentice income during this time:

1st year of apprenticeship: 1,042.50 Euro
2nd year of apprenticeship: 1,303.00 Euro
3rd year of apprenticeship: 1,563.50 Euro
4th year of apprenticeship: 1,824.00 Euro

An apprenticeship with Matura is of course possible!

You can find more useful information in our FAQs:


Treibacher Industrie AG offers apprenticeships in three different areas:

  • Double apprenticeship mechatronics & electrical engineering
  • Double apprenticeship laboratory technology (chemistry) & chemical process engineering
  • Metal technology (mechanical engineering technology)

The application process for an apprenticeship at Treibacher is as follows:

  • Online application via the career portal with an application letter including CV and attachments (e.g. certificates) by the end of January.
  • Admission test
  • Personal interview
  • Acceptance or rejection in due time in spring

Apprenticeship applications can be submitted annually until the last day of January, exclusively online via the career portal.
A later submission of the documents for the apprenticeship year can not be considered.

A complete application consists of:

  • Letter of application/motivation (Why do I want to start this apprenticeship? What are my goals?)
  • Current and complete curriculum vitae with photo
  • Current report cards as well as 8th grade school leaving certificate
  • Other documents (additional training, work references, internship references,…)

In the best case, we receive your documents in pdf format and separately from each other (cover letter, resume, references).

The number of apprentices accepted varies depending on the apprenticeship and opportunities:

  • Mechatronics & Electrical Engineering: 2-3 annually.
  • Laboratory technology (chemistry) & chemical laboratory technology: 3-5 annually
  • Metal technology (mechanical engineering technology): 3-5 annually

The apprenticeship period varies from one apprenticeship to another:

  • Mechatronics & electrical engineering: 4 years
  • Laboratory technology (chemistry) & chemical laboratory technology: 4 years
  • Metal technology (mechanical engineering technology): 3.5 years
    apprenticeship with matura: the
  • Apprenticeship with matura lasts 4 years for all apprenticeships

In addition to above-average apprentice compensation and training at vocational school and in the workplace, as well as in the training workshops and the training laboratory, there are a number of other offers within the framework of our internal apprentice academy:

  • Possibility of apprenticeship with Matura
  • State-of-the-art apprentice training center
  • Above-average apprentice compensation
  • Practical training (directly on the job)
  • Internal apprentice academy (e.g. social skills, English courses)
  • Low-priced lunch in the company cafeteria
  • Fitness and sports vouchers
  • Basic knowledge from other apprenticeships
  • Apprentice Olympics
  • Apprentice excursions
  • Possibility of an internship abroad
  • and much more

Further and general benefits can be found on our site “Treibacher benefits“.

Our apprenticeships prepare young people in the best possible way for a career in the industry. As we highly value the qualifications of our apprentices, we offer many of our trained apprentices the opportunity to pursue a career in their field or in the company at Treibacher.

Of course, our apprentices are also free to continue their careers in other companies. In this respect, the apprenticeship at Treibacher offers an excellent basis and is also highly valued in other companies.

In addition, the completed apprenticeship with Matura offers both the opportunity to opt for further studies and to return to Treibacher after successful completion of studies.

You can find more success stories under Career through apprenticeship.

The vocational school period takes place in blocks (10 weeks) in St. Veit/Glan (metal technology, laboratory technology & chemical process engineering) or in Villach (mechatronics & electrical engineering), depending on the apprenticeship.

There is, of course, the possibility of getting to know the apprenticeship, the apprentice trainers and our company environment in advance in the course of taster days.

These can take place as part of the career orientation program at your respective school. To do so, please contact the person responsible for career orientation at your school.

Yes, we offer all our apprentices the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship with a Matura. However, academic success in the Matura school is decisive for a continuation.

If you have any questions, please contact the apprentice trainers directly by mail:

Double apprenticeship mechatronics & electrical engineering: Herbert Paßegger

Double apprenticeship laboratory technology (chemistry) & chemical process engineering: Andreas Jannach

Metal Technology (Mechanical Engineering): Stefan Pirolt

Apprentice Coordinator: Carina Ruppitsch