For more than 40 years, we have been experts in the environmentally friendly recycling of residues containing metal (vanadium, nickel, molybdenum).

At our site in Althofen (Austria), we process spent catalysts from petroleum refining processes. With this service, we are the recognized market leader and impress with reliability and the highest environmental and quality standards. We are also happy to examine the possibility of recycling other residues containing valuable metals (V, Ni, Mo).

We provide:

  • Support with necessary formalities and notification procedures
  • Assistance with the choice and organization of a suitable type of packaging
  • Weight determination, sampling and analysis
  • Transport handling
  • Processing certificate


Marcel Ambrusch - Produktmanager Treibacher Industrie AG


Marcel Ambrusch

Product Manager

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Our main focus is on the processing of spent “residual” catalysts. They are used in European oil refineries for the demetallization and desulphurization of so-called “heavy oils”.