Non-ferrous metal alloys

Non-ferrous metal alloys

Master alloys can be used in a wide range of steel, foundry, aluminium and non-ferrous metal products.

Diverse alloy compositions according to specific customer requirements enable step-by-step development from laboratory scale to larger production batches.

Many years of experience in alloying a wide variety of metals under inert gas for a wide range of applications qualify us as the number one development partner.

Examples of Treibacher non-ferrous metal alloys are yttrium-aluminium alloy (YAl), lanthanum-nickel alloy (LaNi), titanium-manganese base alloy (TiMn), aluminium-samarium alloy (AlSm), aluminium-scandium alloy (AlSc), cobalt-cerium alloy (CoCe), yttrium-cobalt alloy (YCo), but also with various other alloying elements such as zirconium, vanadium, mischmetal, copper, hafnium, niobium, bismuth etc.

Application: as master alloy in various industries

Enables doping of e.g. volatile rare earth metals in alloys.


Peter Drescher - Produktmanager Treibacher Industrie AG


Peter Drescher

Product Manager


  • Superalloys
  • Catalyst foils
  • Car parts
  • Wire production
  • Special alloys