Unsere Materialien kommen in hochwertigen Gläsern zum Einsatz

Glass industry

Rare earth-based materials

Treibacher offers high-quality rare earth-based materials for glass melting as well as for glass processing.

As a global specialist in the field of rare earths, we offer optimum materials for both the production (glass melting) and processing of glass (polishing). Our rare earth oxides, for example, are used to colour and decolourize glasses, bottles, flacons or gemstones. Our portfolio also includes the right product for UV protection.

In the glass processing sector, we focus on cerium oxide-based polishing agents which we market under the brand name Auerpol®.




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Rare Earths & Chemicals


Products for polishing precision optics, optical lenses, plate glass and polished plate glass.

Under the brand name Auerpol, we offer a choice of cerium oxide-based polishing agents tailored to the requirements of particular industries. The PZ series achieves the roughness required in precision optics, while the W series achieves optimum stock removal rates. Most of our products are also available in a variant with optimized suspension behaviour. In addition to products in powder form, we also supply premium grades for precision optics in the form of ready-to-use polishing suspensions.

Viele spezielle Eigenschaften im Glas basieren auf unseren Seltenerd- und Vanadiumoxiden


Rare earth oxides as an important ingredient in every glass melt.

Rare earth oxides are an important ingredient in any glass melt for plate glass, flacons, gemstones, pharmaceutical glass and optical lenses. Ceroxide and erbium oxide are the industry standard from decolourizing high quality glass. The properties of these two rare earth oxides, as well as those of neodymium and praseodymium oxide, are also used for the specific colouring of a wide variety of glass products such as flacons and gemstones. Lanthoxide, on the other hand, is used in the manufacture of optical lenses. UV protective glasses are manufactured with the help of cerium or vanadium oxide.

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