Carbide and tungsten semi-finished products industry

Hard materials in powder form and tungsten metal powders

Hard materials (carbides, nitrides, cabonitrides) in powder form and tungsten metal powders for the tungsten semi-finished products industry.

We produce a very wide range of carbide precursors to customer specifications and in outstanding quality at our site in Althofen/Austria. Treibacher markets its products globally in powder form. They are required for the production of carbide tools for cutting, drilling and milling many different materials (metals, wood, plastics, composites) and for the production of wear parts for the road construction and mining industry, for deep drawing of cans and for wire drawing. It is important to us to deliver consistently high quality, to maintain close personal contacts with our business associates, most of whom have been with us for many years, to respond quickly to customer requirements and to carry out joint product developments with customers at all times.

The same applies to the tungsten semi-finished products industry which uses our tungsten metal powders to produce high-quality welding electrodes, heavy metals and tungsten-copper and tungsten-silver alloys for electrical contacts.



Ulf Stromberger

Business Unit Manager
Carbides & Energy Storage Devices


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