Water purification

Rare earths for water purification

Rare earth alloys are very efficient in water purification.

Rare earth alloys, in particular lanthanum metal, have a high affinity to phosphate, arsenic and other contaminants. Therefore, they are perfect for water purification - alone or in combination with iron/aluminum alloys and/or organic coagulants. 

Fields of application:

  • Removal of phosphate from swimming pools and standing waters (ponds, lakes) by means of 

    (a) phosphate precipitation using liquid or solid lanthanum formulations or
    (b) adsorption to insoluble lanthanum granules
  • Removal of arsenic from drinking water by adsorption to insoluble lanthanum granules

    (a) Treibacher Industrie AG expands its product portfolio for water treatment with the acquisition of the NXT-business from EP Minerals. The NXT product series are high performance adsorbents, specially designed for arsenic removal in various water streams.


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