Rare Earth Oxides

Rare Earth Oxides

Be it for laser and nuclear technology or waste water treatment and luminescent substances – our rare earth oxides such as yttria, lanthanum oxide, gadolinium oxide and cerium oxide are available in the highest purities for numerous applications.

Refractory Metal Oxides

Treibacher Industrie AG supplies refractory metal oxides such as zirconium oxides, doped zirconium oxides, yttria stabilized zirconia and vanadium oxide in virtually all particle sizes. They are used, for example, to make sensors, withstand extremely high loads in mechanical and process engineering applications, and are also found in bearings and batteries.

Mixed Oxides

With products such as yttria alumina garnet, yttria alumina zirconia, lanthanum aluminate, and calcium aluminate – Calumet®, Treibacher Industrie AG is a leading supplier of mixed oxides.

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