Lighter flints Original Auermetall®

The high affinity of lanthanide metals to oxygen results in the cerium mischmetal having a high tendency to oxidation. This is a unique basis for manufacturing flint.

Treibacher Industrie produziert Zündsteine und Original Auermetall

Since the founder of our company, Carl Auer von Welsbach invented the lighter flint, we face nearly 120 years of experience in the production of lighter flints. 
Adding selected alloying elements under certain process parameters and using cutting-edge production technologies gives Original Auermetall® flints its one-of-a-kind properties:


  • Highly pyrophoric (to easily create sparks and to enable ignition)
  • Narrow dimensional tolerance
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Rounded edges

Different degrees of flint hardness are available on request.


Depending on the application, our lighter flints are often called as flintstone or firesteel and firestarter. This alloy name ferrocerium causes another name for flints – so called as ferrorod. Our lighter flints Original Auermetall® are excepted from dangerous goods regulations.

The most common applications of our lighter flints Original Auermetall® are:

  • Flint lighters
  • Gas igniter and welding torches
  • Survival tools
  • Fire starter for outdoor use, e.g. for campfire
  • Special effects (to create fountains of sparks)
  • Flint refills

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